WATER SPRAY SYSTEM for fire protection

Water spray systems are permanently installed systems that take out fires through water sprayed from interconnected nozzles, often seen in building ceilings. Such systems are activated manually or automatically through mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical triggering, and act as a group to extinguish fires where they start but also where they can spread. That said, once activated, water spray systems affect the entire area they are installed into.


Water spray systems have some obvious advantages. Since water is used, it is 100% environmentally safe and relatively low in cost. The mechanism is simple, and can be installed in any sort of room or building or even outside surrounding important areas. 


Water spray systems are especially useful in areas where flammable materials that could spread a fire rapidly are handled like power stations or chip silos, and within many industries such as oil and gas. Large open spaces like an aircraft hangar are also ideal.


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