inControl  Water Mist Systems offer safe, effective and environmentally conscious fire suppression. High pressure systems operate at a working pressure of 100bar to 120bar with specially-designed discharge nozzles that spray water in tiny droplets. This results in a fog that provides a highly effective combination of extinguishing actions:

Cooling Action: The small size of the water particles causes them to evaporate quickly, removing a large amount of thermal energy.

Shielding Action: The particles of water absorb the radiant energy released by the fire, and significantly reduce the chance the fire will re-ignite.

Inerting Action: The water vapor acts like an inert agent and helps control and suppress the fire.

Advantages of Water Mist

• environmentally friendly • minimizes the damage caused by the extinguishing agent • safe for occupied spaces • eliminates the cost of large water storage tanks and pumps

Applications of Water Mist

• machinery space •  turbines • generators • off-shore oil platforms • off-shore gas platforms • industrial warehouses • commercial warehouses •  retail shops • hotels • archives • libraries • military ships • cruise ships • commercial vessels


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