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Every enterprise has equipment and facilities that are vital to its operation. Business would be seriously affected if these were destroyed by fire. In many cases valuable assets should not be protected by water or other similar extinguishing agents, as these types of agents often are unable to reach inaccessible parts of the hazard. They can also cause considerable damage — even in excess of that done by the fire itself.

Carbon dioxide is a reliable, versatile and efficient fire fighting agent. It has provided decades of successful operation. It is a dry, inert, non-corrosive gas that will not damage equipment or materials or contaminate liquids or food. It does not leave any residue to clean-up, and as a result, business down-time is held to a minimum. In addition, carbon dioxide is a non-conductor of electricity, and can even be used without danger in spaces housing high voltage electrical equipment. Choose a High Pressure CO2 Fire Protection Solution.

Featuring innovative high-performance cylinder valves

  • Patented cost-saving unibody design – does not have separate valve and discharge heads.
  • Engineered for reliability – no top or bottom cap joints to leak.
  • Simple to set up – slave valve operates from manifold back pressure … no need for a separate pressurizing line.
  • High performance operation – clear unimpeded right-angled flow path.
  • Easy to maintain – removable valve seat for quick replacement.
  • Ingenious force differential valve – uses cylinder pressure to hold the valve closed.
  • Machined brass construction for added reliability – no drop-forged parts.


Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems are:

• Flammable Liquid Storage • Chemical Laboratories •Transformer Vaults • Oil Circuit Breakers • Engine Enclosures Pump Rooms • Hydraulic Oil Cellars • Gas Turbines • Equipment Enclosures • Storage Vaults

Advantages of high pressure CO2

Carbon dioxide is a standard commercial product that is commonly used for carbonated beverages, for fast freezing food, for medical purposes, for purging pipes and tanks, as well as for extinguishing fires. It is readily available in most cities and seaports throughout the world. For more than 80 years carbon dioxide has been used for fire protection purposes. The NFPA standard for fire extinguishing systems was initiated in 1928, was first adopted in 1929. It has been revised approximately 26 times since, and represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of those who have designed and used CO2 systems for fire extinguishing purposes.


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