Manufacturer and supplier of fire protection systems and solutions

Since 1984, inControl Systems has been manufacturing and supplying fire protection systems and solutions for important projects around the world.  We’re proud to be making products in-house, in Canada, where our research and development team of fire engineers test firsthand the efficacy of our products. We work very closely with our distributors and clients by supporting them with specifications, design, drawings and calculations.  So when our systems are installed, be they detection, alarm and fire suppression equipment, we want our clients to know that we have carefully selected each component of their new system specifically for their needs. Our thirty-plus years of experience has been in major industrial sectors such as oil & gas, power generation, data centres and control rooms, industrial plants such as fertilizer plants and steel factories, and many more. We look forwarding to using our experience to provide a tailored solution for you today! Contract us now to learn how

Please see our project references to find out what installations we have near you or around the world, with our full scale fire solutions.