Low pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) systems are specialized fire suppression systems designed to maintain the carbon dioxide supply at 0° F and 300 psig in an insulated, refrigerated pressure storage unit. These storage units contains the amount of CO2 required to stop fire.

inControl Systems’ Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems are Factory Mutual approved to meet all present codes and standards.

We offer complete equipment/engineering packages or complete turn key installations including detection and control systems. Our product line includes horizontal and vertical tanks ranging in sizes from 3/4 ton to 60 tons, ½” through 8” master/selector valves, and a complete line of total flood and local application nozzles that can protect from 2 feet above the hazard up to 20 feet above the hazard.

CO2 Low Pressure Storage Units

Our low pressure carbon dioxide system is stored mostly as a liquid at approximately 300 psi (2070 kPa) and 0ºF (- 17.8ºC). It is maintained at this pressure and temperature by mechanical refrigeration. When needed, operation of the refrigeration system cools and condenses CO2 vapor in the vapor space of the unit, thus converting it to liquid and reducing the pressure. The storage unit is very well insulated, keeping to a minimum the heat transfer to the CO2 from the warmer ambient air of the storage location. A slight rise in storage pressure from this heat input starts the refrigeration cycle described herein. Stored as a liquid at an ambient temperature of 70ºF (21ºC) carbon dioxide has a vapor pressure of approximately 850 psi (5865 kPa). Thus, high pressure cylinders are used for storage, designated as High Pressure CO2. This brochure explains low pressure storage and describes the wide range of storage units available. The storage of CO2 in the “Low Pressure” state has numerous advantages over cylinder storage.

Advantages of low pressure CO2

Effective: Low pressure CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials in both surface and deep-seated fires, which adds up to greater uniformity and predictability.

Fast: Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless three-dimensional clean agent. Within seconds, it penetrates the entire hazard area to smother combustion.

Non-damaging: CO2 is normally harmless to equipment, materials and property. It does not cause spoilage, requires no clean up and leaves no residue, thus minimizing downtime after a fire.

Non-conductive: CO2 does not conduct electricity and is three-dimensional.

Economical: When a hazard requires multiple discharges or when CO2 requirements exceed 4000 lbs. (1818 kg) of agent [2000 lbs. (909 kg) for main discharge and 2000 lbs. (909 kg) for reserve], the overall system cost is less than a high pressure CO2 system.

Efficient: Low pressure CO2 chokes off combustion quickly. The dry ice “snow” in the discharge allows “local application” protection of non-enclosed hazards.

Compact: Storage units are compact and often installed outdoors to conserve floor space. Capacities range from 1-1/4 tons (1.13 MT) to 60 tons (54.5 MT) or more.



Typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems are:

• Printing Plants • Transformer Vaults/Electrical Cabinets • Power Plants • Dip Tanks • Rolling Mills • Coating Machines • Exhaust and Fume Handling Systems • Flammable Gas or Liquid Storage Areas • Generators • Inerting Applications • Coal handling, grinding, and storage systems • Data processing centers • Flammable materials storage • Shipboard machinery spaces and cargo holds • Telecommunications

Why CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a standard commercial product that is commonly used for carbonated beverages, for fast freezing food, for medical purposes, for purging pipes and tanks, as well as for extinguishing fires. It is readily available in most cities and seaports throughout the world. For more than 80 years carbon dioxide has been used for fire protection purposes. The NFPA standard for fire extinguishing systems was initiated in 1928 and was first adopted in 1929. It has been revised approximately 26 times since, and represents the accumulated knowledge and experience of those who have designed and used CO2 systems for fire extinguishing purposes.


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