inControl Systems’ TORRENT Series automatic fire extinguishers act fast to stop fires before they can spread and damage your assets. With discharge times of 10 seconds or less, installations benefit from fast response to the danger posed by fire.

Totally self-contained and fully automatic, the TORRENT fire extinguishers require no external power or connections, yet they maintain fire protection around the clock, delivering years of reliable service. Installation takes just minutes, and relocation is easily accomplished to suit changing fire protection needs.

TORRENT Series of Automatic Fire Extinguishers use HFC-227ea:

An effective clean agent that’s approved for use in occupied spaces, HFC-227ea leaves no messy residue, and will not harm sensitive equipment. It’s also approved by Environment Canada and the US Environmental Protection Agency as an acceptable Halon alternative. Safe, effective, economical, and uncomplicated, these extinguishers are ideal either as part of a total fire protection package, or as an incremental upgrade to existing fire protection measures.

  • No damage or residue – protected area contents not affected by the extinguishing agent.
  • Simple one-person installation – no piping, electric wiring, special tools, or expertise necessary.
  • Fully automatic – 24/7 fire protection, anywhere.
  • Easy to maintain – integrated pressure gauge indicates fire protection status at a glance.
  • Ideal for marine use – essential in engine compartments of commercial vessels and pleasure crafts.
  • Meets environmental regulations – complies with current standards for clean agent extinguishing systems.
  • People and pet friendly – listed for use in normally occupied spaces.


Storage Areas – Chemicals, Flammable Liquids, Paints, Fuel, Paper Files, Data

Mobile Spaces - Commercial Boats, Pleasure Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Locomotives, Tractor Trailers, Mobile Equipment

Physical Plant - Diesel Generator Enclosures, Furnace Rooms, Pump Stations, Janitor Closets

Difficult-to-Service Areas - Temporary Buildings, Isolated Facilities, Movable Enclosures

Special Applications - Dry Cleaning Plants, Spray Booths, Engine Test Cells, Transformer Vaults & Rooms

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