Ahli Bank Head Office for Ahli Bank, Oman


Project: Ahli Bank Head Office

Customer: Ahli Bank Oman

Location: Oman

System and Equipment: Fire Alarm & NOVEC1230 Fire Suppression Systems

Agbami Plant for Spie Batignolles, Nigeria


Project: Agbami Plant

Customer: Spie Batignolles

Location: Nigeria

System and Equipment: Fire Detection & Gas Detection System, HP Co2 Fire Suppression Systems

Sheraton Hotel for SETRA, Morocco


Project: Sheraton Hotel

Customer: SETRA

Location: Morocco

System and Equipment: Fire Alarm & FM200 Fire Suppression Systems

Milazza Power Plant for Sondel, Italy


Project: Milazzo Power Plant

Customer: SONDEL

Location: Italy

System and Equipment: Fire & Gas Detection, HP Co2 Fire Suppression Systems