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New Tube-based fire protection system for small applications

Ontario, Canada – March 7, 2017 – inControl Systems Inc., a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of fire protection systems, introduces LINEA Series, the new tube-based fire protection system for small applications.

The LINEA Series is an automatic fire ex­­­tinguisher using tube-based detection. This latest fire suppression product from inControl Systems acts fast to stop fire before it spreads. Damage and destruction of assets from severe fires is greatly reduced, if not eliminated completely, when a LINEA series automatic fire extinguisher is installed.  

Totally self-contained and fully automatic, LINEA series automatic fire extinguishers requires no external power or connections, while maintaining fire protection around the clock, delivering years of reliable protection. Installation takes just minutes.  

LINEA series automatic fire extinguishers utilize a pneumatic, multi-layer tube to detect a fire quickly. The detection tube is installed inside the enclosure, providing total coverage. The pressurized detection tube is very sensitive and bursts when exposed to heat from early stages of fire. When a fire is detected, the pressure in the tube is released at the detection burst point, allowing the cylinder valve to open and release the HFC-227ea extinguishing agent, thus putting out the fire.

The president of inControl Systems, Mr. Carmine Colarocchio, indicates, “At inControl Systems, we are very happy to introduce our new LINEA series automatic fire extinguisher. This type of extinguisher is well suited for providing protection against fires for small spaces and equipment. Over the years, we have seen many fires in industrial equipment and electrical enclosures. These fires have caused significant down-time for companies whose equipment has been damaged or destroyed due to fires.  With our new LINEA series automatic fire extinguisher, we are able to provide very fast reaction to stop fires, saving our customers value time and money from down-time.”

Mr. Colarocchio continues, “We have been working very hard to continue to grow our business organically by adding new products. We are also investing heavily in our sales and business development programs. Having new products to feed into our growing global distribution channels around the world will allow us to continue to grow our business and better serve our customer.”  

About inControl Systems Inc.

inControl Systems Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of fire protection systems for industrial, commercial and marine projects. Since 1984, inControl Systems Inc has been designing and supplying fire protection systems and solutions around the world for important projects in many industrial sectors. Installations include projects in oil and gas, marine and offshore, and land-based projects such as machine protection, server rooms, power plants, steel plants and cement factories.

Along with the manufactured products, inControl Systems Inc designs and supplies complete engineered Fire Protection Systems, Fire Detection Systems and Flame and Gas Detection systems. inControl Systems Inc. provides products and solutions based upon internationally accepted standards and regulatory approvals to meet the requirements of the world’s most sophisticated and complex projects. 

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