Engine Shutdown Module now available for U.S. Coast Guard Approved TORRENT Series by inControl Systems

Ontario, Canada – November 30, 2016 – inControl Systems Inc. a Canadian manufacturer and suppler of fire protection systems for industrial, commercial and marine installations, introduces their new Engine Shutdown module for their U.S. Coast Guard approved TORRENT series Fire Extinguisher.
The engine shutdown module is an important accessory for the TORRENT Series fire extinguisher when used in small marine installations.
In the event of fire, the system will discharge and the pressure switch simultaneously sends a signal to the Shutdown module to close down all devices and equipment connected to the shutdown relay box (e.g. engines, generators, ventilators, dampers). A red LED “DISCHARGED” light on the display activates along with a sharp acoustic alarm to alert the crew to the event.
Mr. Carmine Colarocchio, The President of InControl Systems, comments that, “adding the Engine Shutdown Module from inControl Systems, helps is complete our product range that we are offering to our customers for the small marine craft market.  In Canada and many other countries around the world, protection small boats, service vessels and ferries are critical. All too often we hear of damages and sometimes catastrophes when we ready about boat fires.  We hope to help reduce these with the TORRENT Series extinguishers.”
TORRENT series fire extinguishers are easily installed with simple brackets, giving the customer peace of mind knowing their valuable assets will be protected against fire. Since the TORRENT series uses a clean-agent gas for suppressing fires, no clean up is required in the event of a discharge.

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About inControl Systems Inc.
inControl Systems Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturer and supplier of complete fire protection systems for industrial and commercial projects. Since 1984, inControl Systems Inc. has been designing and supplying fire protection systems and solutions for important projects in many industrial sectors around the world. Installations include projects in Oil and gas, marine and offshore, and land-based projects such as machine protection, server rooms, power plants, steel plants and cement factories.
Along with the manufactured products, inControl Systems Inc. designs and supplies complete engineered Fire Protection Systems, Fire Detection Systems and Flame and Gas Detection Systems.  inControl Systems Inc. provides products and solutions based upon internationally accepted standards and regulatory approvals to meet the requirements of the world’s most sophisticated and complex projects.

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